New Music Mission Non Profit:


Mission Statement: To use music and the arts to bring Light into culture, bringing God's hand and people's hands together, while equipping leaders to do the same.

After over 2 decades stewarding this "psalmist" calling (musician for God), "Psalmist Mission" is an exciting new non profit infrastructure that allows us to continue to invest in the local church and culture with artistry and God's heart. Psalmist Mission allows us to me to lead by example, train up other gifted and Godly artists and invite you to partner with us in this life impacting mission! Then it can be and inspiring work that is bigger than me…and live beyond me. It's artistry on a mission!

Brand New Worship Cohort

March 3 - November 18, 2019

Professional Music Training & Spiritual Formation-TOGETHER

If you or someone you know wanted to develop professionally as well as in their soul as a leader, email us for more information at:

I’d also invited you if you've been moved by the music ministry of mine over the past 15+ years of 7 albums & 10 music videos of music mission, and believe that this is worth investing into to continue bringing God's heart on the bed of inspiring artistry to invest in our world, we'd love you to partner with us! From continuing to make great musical content, to intentional trainings to raise up future worship leaders and Kingdom artists, that is and will be the work of Psalmist Mission.  

To become a teammate and donate to this tax deductible and life impacting cause, or to inquire more about partnering, please contact us at:

Donate to Psalmist Mission Inc.

Knowing that we only get one life, and we're stronger together, my prayer is that Psalmist Mission will be a vehicle to help countless people see the Light of Jesus through artistry, and that droves of next generation psalmists will be raised up in the process!

One life at a time,

Jon Shabaglian